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Olvera Rentals Liability Disclaimer

Olvera Rentals act as a sole agent only - on behalf and in the absence of the property Proprietor and will not be held responsible or accept claims against us for loss, damage, theft, wear and tear or any actions by the renter, proprietor or any third party which compromises the integrity of Olvera Rentals or the property in any way.

Many properties are also multi agency managed and Olvera Rentals will not be held responsible for any claims against us where we are not in sole charge of that property and have not been nominated as the only key holder.

We will not in any way be held responsible for claims made against us where there are third parties involved in either the rental, sale, marketing and maintenance of any properties whilst the property is rented or otherwise.

* This includes periods where the proprietor resides at the property or left empty.

Olvera Rentals will not be held responsible for properties left insecure by any third parties or where key holding cannot control access and egress and ultimately the security and safety of any property.

Olvera Rentals will not accept any claims against us for changes in current and new renting legislation not applied by the Proprietor.

Olvera Rentals will not accept any claims against us regarding any outstanding or unpaid debt resulting from clients still residing in the properties or absconding from properties without payment or when a utility bill has not been received before their departure.*


Olvera Rentals do not accept responsibility for lost or stolen correspondence, post or any document or indeed any item where we cannot guarantee its integrity, such as an external postal box or items placed in properties where there are multiple key holders*.

* This includes items also removed without our knowledge and consent.

We cannot guarantee the safeguarding of properties and contents whilst there are multiple keys issued and therefore in no event will we be liable for without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage, or any loss or damage whatsoever arising from accidental injury or unreasonable actions by either the tenant, proprietor or any third party.

Version 4 – updated 2014

Without prejudice


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